Everything Has a Story Table & Market in McAdenville

Everything Has a Story in McAdenville

When we sat down at McAdenville Table & Market with co-owner John Bailey, I started out asking about the deli, the market, the triple counter with fresh meat, seafood and cheeses. The ready to eat meals, sides and nibbes in the refrigerator and the materials used to build this rich, reclaimed restaurant.

A Quick & Dirty Guide to the Best Biking in Gaston

A Quick & Dirty Guide to the Best Biking in Gaston

Both mountain bikers and road cyclists will find plenty to love in Gaston County, North Carolina. 

An Insider's Guide to Crowders Mountain State Park

A Insider's Guide to Crowders Mountain

Located on land once grazed by herds of elk and buffalo roaming the border between the Catawba and Cherokee, Crowders Mountain State Park is a nugget of natural beauty amid the explosive growth of Charlotte and surrounding southeastern region.

SWAC Soccer Makes a Big Tourism Impact

SWAC Soccer Makes a Big Tourism Impact

It’s the world’s number-one sport. It’s what the rest of the world calls football, of course. But we call it soccer. And you might say Gaston County’s economy recently got a big kick out of soccer.

Touching Deep Space at the Planetarium Schiele Museum in Gastonia

Deep Space at Schiele Museum Planetarium

A visit to the Planetarium at The Schiele Museum of Natural History in gastonia will get you close to the stars, moons, planets, asteroids, comets and sun in our solar system with a fascinating featured exhibit: “The Solar System: A Journey of Exploration” - at The Schiele Museum of Natural History in Gastonia.

Cherryville North Carolina: A Fascinating Southern Town

Cherryville, NC: A Fascinating Southern Town

Cherryville North Carolina is located in the northwest corner of Gaston County, not far from Charlotte and it is steeped in history.

Waterfront Views on The Catawba & Lake Wylie in Gaston County

Waterfront Views on The Catawba & Lake Wylie in Gaston County

Located just southwest Charlotte sits Lake Wylie a beutiful man-made lake that offers opportunities for boating, fishing, kayaking, hiking and more. 

So much to do this Christmas season

So much to do this Christmas season

To say that there’s a lot to do in Gaston County this holiday season would be the understatement of the year. There’s always something fun and exciting to do when you “Go Gaston!” And the obvious choice for the start of your holiday fun is surely Christmastown, USA.

Leave the Mall, Shop Small

Leave the Mall, Shop Small

As you begin making and checking off does holiday wish list, you are going to want to be certain to check out the small town shops in Gaston County. Each not only have unique and beautiful products, but their owners are incredibly special, as well.

South Fork River Park offers peaceful solitude

South Fork River Park offers peaceful solitude

Ain't nothing fancy, as my momma used to say, about the South Fork River Park. But you really don't need fancy when you have a well-groomed walking trail through a stately, old-growth forest that leads down to the gently flowing waters of the South Fork River.

GO Month: Celebrate Restaurants & Retail Week

GO Month: Retail & Restaurants Week

As we begin this week of GO Month that will highlight many of the local dining and shopping opportunities in Gaston County, I would like to share some compelling information that may surprise you. According to research conducted by Visit North Carolina, visitors to Gaston County generated a $251.7 million spending impact in 2016. That’s a remarkable figure which ranks us 17th among North Carolina’s 100 counties.

South Fork Trail reveals beauty of river

South Fork Trail Reveals Beauty of River

I was ready to write off the South Fork Trail as a waste of my time but by the time I had completed the two-mile northward hike , I had fallen in love with the trail and could highly recommend it to anyone.

Goat Island Park just a stroll away from downtown Cramerton

Goat Island Park Close to downtown Cramerton

As a newcomer to Gaston County, I continue to be amazed by how outstanding its outdoor recreational facilities are. Poston Park, Rankin Lake Park and the Seven Oaks Preserve Trail were pure delights to visit, as was today's destination - Goat Island Park and Greenway in beautiful downtown Cramerton.

GO Gaston! Trail offers reasons to take it slow

Seven Oaks Preserve Trail

The Seven Oaks Preserve contains 75 acres along the shore of Lake Wylie. It was established in 2011 in a cooperative effort by the Carolina Thread Trail, Stowe Botanical Garden, Seven Oaks Farm, the Catawba Lands Conservancy, and the North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund.

Rankin Lake a Shimmering Jewel in west Gastonia

Rankin Lake Jewel of Gastonia

Gastonia's Rankin Lake Park is less than a mile north oflnterstate 85. U.S. 321 is just a few hundred yards to its east. And yet, once inside the park, a visitor feels a sense of tranquility normally found only in more rural, remote areas.

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